Ring Sales

We manufacture Boxing Rings to the highest standards. We specialise in Boxing Ring sales and after-sales. From 16' training rings up to World Championship 24' Boxing Rings. Many of our Rings are used for the Countries top Boxing events, and the specs used for these Rings are identical to the ones we manufacture for you, so you can be certain of quality when you order from us. Perfect for your Boxing Club/Gym. All of our Rings come delivered and installed. POA.

Boxing Ring Sizes:

Standard Rings: 16'/*14' | 18'/*15'6" | 19'/*16'3" | 20'/*17' (Suitable for most venues)

World Championship Standard Boxing Rings: 22'/*18' | 24'/*20'

Olympic Standard Rings: 7.8m (25.5') | *6.1m (20')

(These Rings are designed for large arena use only)

*Denotes actual fighting area.

18' Octagon Rings

NEW ! Made to order: 18' Training Octagon Rings. With the build quality you would expect from Ringcraft Boxing Facilities! These are NOT the cheap versions that you see advertised on the Internet these days, (and in most cases for the same price!) they are high quality Rings and they come complete and ready for action.

These Rings are strictly made to order.
Price: £6500 + VAT which includes installation and delivery.

Ring graphics are also available (at an extra cost.)
Contact us for further details, or if you want more details/photographs of the Rings.

Any questions can be sent to us using the Contact form.

Or you can call us direct on:

TEL: +44 (0)8700 777 777