Ringcraft Boxing Ring Hire

Boxing Ring Hire for all occasions!

Ringcraft are specialists in providing everything you need for both your Professional and amateur Boxing events. We have specialised in Boxing Ring Hire, and supplying Boxing associated accessories to the Boxing Industry for well over 25 years and supply all of the Country's top T.V companies and all of the major Boxing promoters with all of their requirements and many more based outside of the U.K.


Film and Tv..

We specialise in all types of Boxing Ring Hire, whether long term or for just one evening! If you're a Film/TV fan, then the chances are you will have seen one of our Rings. Just about every Boxing Ring featuring on BBC, ITV & Sky Television will be a Ringcraft Boxing Ring. In the past we have supplied shows such as Eastenders, Emmerdale, Heartbeat and Coronation Street. One of our Rings also featured in the dramatic Michael Caine movie 'Shiner'.

When Nigel Benn and Wife-to-be Carolyne were married a few years ago, we were very pleased that we were asked to supply the Boxing Ring for the occasion. "I wanted to surprise him with something really special" says Carolyne, "then i thought - well he proposed in a Boxing Ring, so that is where we will get Married......"

Boxing Ring Sizes:

Standard Rings: 16'/*14' | 18'/*15'6" | 19'/*16'3" | 20'/*17'

(Suitable for most venues)

World Championship Standard Boxing Rings: 22'/*18' | 24'/*20'

Olympic Standard Rings: 7.8m (25.5') | *6.1m (20')

(These Rings are designed for large arena use only)

*Denotes actual fighting area.


Championship Standard Rings Available

At the Movies!

The Michael Caine Thriller "Shiner"

On the Box!

One of our Rings featured in Eastenders recently


Such as the annually held Boxing in Le Casino Monte Carlo


We specialise in Press Conferences and workouts


Carolyne and Nigel Benn's wedding